About us


Hello everyone,

I am Thuli, born and bred in South Africa.  From the dusty streets of one of South Africa's biggest townships, Soweto, I've managed to overcome ordinary struggles facing township women and built Style Alert SA. As the owner, creative designer and model of  a young and growing fashion brand, I'm constantly on the lookout for the latest trends. I find joy in experimenting with fashion trends, especially those that resonate with my target audience: the woman that wants to be comfortable in her clothing, feel and look good without compromising her style. 

Style Alert was as a result of my love for modern vintage clothing, which I would collect, redesign, where necessary. Following public positive reviews, I decided to go into business and I started selling modern vintage clothes. As a self-taught stylist, designer and fashion buyer, I soon realized that very few designers offered modern day vintage wear. Consequently, I was determined and encouraged to tap into this niche market and bridge the gap. 

I then joined Retro edge where I further increased my design knowledge. I also learned the ins and outs of sewing clothes from scratch, and effective ways to market my brand on social media platforms.  

To date, my brand has grown in leaps and bounds. Due to the high demand from women who are fashion conscious and want to dress in a befitting manner, I launched Style Masterclasses. I host these classes to teach women how to dress appropriately for different occasions. 

My passion for fashion and commitment to seeing my brand reach even greater heights, have encouraged me to strive for excellence and quality in all that I do. My joy is in seeing the fruits of my creativity. 

I am eternally grateful and proud to have established and consistently maintained the Style Alert (SA) brand. 

If you ever need help with personal styling, personal shopping for any occasion, wardrobe analysis and maintenance, I would love to help regardless of  your budget or lifestyle. My aim is to try my best to meet your individual needs. I'll gladly customise your preferences. Kindly feel free to drop me an email at thuli@stylealertsa.com


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